The essential supplement for a healthier life.

KINGS Herbal Plus is enriched with 100% concentrates made from 80 kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs freshly harvested from farms in the Philippines (Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, and Tarlac). 


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We ship anywhere only in the USA.
We DO NOT CATER  to international shipping.

We offer FREE Standard shipping via USPS. It usually takes 4-5 Business Days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included).

Legal Disclaimer: This food supplement has a very bitter taste due to 100% herbal fruits and vegetable extracts with no additives or flavorings. Please expect this natural bitter taste when ordering our products. No approved therapeutic claims.

Return Policy:

1. We accept returns should there be any issues with the items that you ordered within 30 days upon delivery. Please return all the bottles that you ordered ( both opened and unopened ones).

2. We will not be covering the costs of shipping for any returns. Shipping fee for returning items must be paid by the customer.

3. We will issue a full refund once we receive the returned items.

4. Please contact us before returning any products.

About the Product

Why choose KINGS Herbal Plus?

Herbal medicine is a holistic and natural form of medicine. Not only does plant medicine have the power to treat and prevent symptoms of disease, but it is also the most gentle way, as your body readily absorbs the nutrients of plants without any side effects. Herbal medicine is the safe and natural way to sustain a healthy body and lifestyle without the negatives of other alternative medicine.

KINGS Herbal Plus is one of the only herbal food supplements that has 100% all natural ingredients and extracts with all the essential nutrients and anti-oxidants your body needs to restore itself to its regenerated state. With its ready-to-drink formula, being able to give your body exactly what it needs to restore and maintain a healthy balance has never been easier.

KINGS Herbal Plus has proven to detoxify the body and filter out toxins, strengthen the immune system to fight off disease, restore and enhance organ functions, normalize blood sugar levels, and enhance overall mental, physical, and emotional wellness.


Got this Kings Herbal yesterday. I drank 2 cups and my knee pain was gone. It was bothering me for months!

Rick L., California

There are no cons. This is the real thing. I've been taking a small cup dose of Kings Herbal for 5 days now, and I stopped taking my blood pressure pills on the 3rd day and now my blood pressure is perfectly normal.

barako2000, Verified eBay Customer

It is a very effective health product that lowers my cholesterol and triglycerides level to normal and cleanses our body’s toxins, had lowered our appetite from sweets foods.

Josephine B. , Verified Amazon Customer